Magic Girls Return in RWBY

rwby-long-logoWith the recent release of RWBY from Rooster Teeth, it is worth looking back at the incarnations of shows that surrender all power to the girls.

To catch you up to speed. RWBY is the latest series from the creators of Red vs Blue, a series I wrote about a couple months back. The letters in the title stand for the corresponding colors of the characters. This may be more complex in the future as it develops as it has only seen 3 episodes. The series has positioned itself closely with animations such as Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and I would even put a comparison with Teen Girl Squad. The characters have separate motivations while maintaining a innocent cuteness that one can’t help but identity with. Ruby maybe be the lead role that keeps our focus on a story, but the other characters create a diverse group that is both easy to identify but complicated from their unique approach.

The creator, Monty Oum. appears to have created a story that his own. While there are nods to past animations styles, he has created a digital rendered story that holds its own. The characters seem to fit what we would expect without letting us down. The style of animation can feel familiar at times however the uniqueness of the setting and interesting style choices of rending non important characters as silhouettes adds a level of intrigue about the importance of certain roles.

What is most exciting about this series is its appearance in a area dominated by overtly sexual roles and masculine characters. Ruby and company make an appearance that is meant to be seen. They story has a rich plot that started long before someone thought to press record. Where some parts seem simple and youthful, there are foreboding schemes at play waiting to be seen.